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Park City Purchase and Refinance Mortgage Rates - Jumbo and Conforming

Park City: Where Luxury Meets Adventure

The snowy slopes of Deer Valley, showcasing Park City’s world-class skiing.

Park City, nestled in the heart of Utah’s majestic Wasatch Mountains, offers an unparalleled living experience that blends luxury with adventure. Renowned for its world-class ski resorts, Park City also thrives in the summer with hiking, mountain biking, and outdoor concerts, making it a year-round haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Beyond its outdoor appeal, Park City is celebrated for its historic Main Street, where art galleries, gourmet restaurants, and boutique shops abound. The town’s appeal is further magnified by its proximity to areas such as Deer Valley, Kimball Junction, and the Jordanelle Reservoir, providing residents with a variety of lifestyle choices amidst Park City’s scenic beauty and upscale ambiance.

Dreaming of making Park City your home? Our Jumbo Verified™ lender network is ready to assist you with competitive rates and mortgage plans designed for Park City’s unique real estate market. Whether you’re drawn to a slope-side chalet, a modern condo with mountain views, or a luxurious estate in a gated community, we’re here to support your homeownership journey in Park City.

    Tailored Mortgage Solutions for Park City’s Exclusive Real Estate Landscape

    Park City’s real estate market is as exclusive as its setting, offering a range of luxury properties from elegant mountain homes to sophisticated urban condos. Our lending experts are prepared to offer mortgage strategies that cater to your unique vision for a home in Park City.

    • A diverse selection of mortgage types for Park City properties: ARMs, FHA, VA, Interest-Only, Jumbo, and conforming loans.
    • Financing solutions designed to match Park City’s luxurious property landscape, helping you to find a home that aligns with your aspirations.
    • Personalized mortgage plans that complement your lifestyle in Park City, whether you’re seeking adventure on the slopes or tranquility in the mountains.
    • Expert insights into Park City’s housing market, with specialized financing options like Land, Construction, and Bridge loans.
    • Competitive rates to facilitate your home purchase or refinancing in Park City, making luxury homeownership more accessible.

    Experience the Premier Lifestyle of Park City

    Park City is not just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle enriched by opportunities for luxury living, outdoor adventure, and cultural engagement. From the Sundance Film Festival to the serene beauty of the Uinta Mountains, Park City invites you to live a life full of elegance, excitement, and exploration.


    County One-Unit Limit Two-Unit Limit Three-Unit Limit Four-Unit Limit
    BEAVER COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    BOX ELDER COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    CACHE COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    CARBON COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    DAGGETT COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    DAVIS COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    DUCHESNE COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    EMERY COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    GARFIELD COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    GRAND COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    IRON COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    JUAB COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    KANE COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    MILLARD COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    MORGAN COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    PIUTE COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    RICH COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    SALT LAKE COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    SAN JUAN COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    SANPETE COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    SEVIER COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    SUMMIT COUNTY $1,149,825 $1,472,250 $1,779,525 $2,211,600
    TOOELE COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    UINTAH COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    UTAH COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    WASATCH COUNTY $1,149,825 $1,472,250 $1,779,525 $2,211,600
    WASHINGTON COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    WAYNE COUNTY $997,050 $1,276,400 $1,542,900 $1,917,450
    WEBER COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400




      Park Meadows, Old Town, Thaynes Canyon / Aspen Springs, Lower Deer Valley, Deer Crest, Upper Deer Valley, Empire Pass, Stein Eriksen Residences, The Montage Deer Valley, Aerie, Prospector, Canyons / Olympic Park Area, Silver Springs, Old Ranch Road, Jeremy Ranch & Glenwild / Silver Creek.

      Zip Codes

      84060, 84098, 84017, 84024, 84036, 84033, 84055, 84068, 84061, 84032, 84049 & 84082


      Summit County, Morgan County, Weber County, Davis County, Salt Lake County, Utah County, Wasatch County, Duchesne County, Daggett County, Uintah County, Carbon County, Sanpete County, Rich County, Emery County & Cache County.