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Nevada Purchase and Refinance Mortgage Rates - Jumbo and Conforming

Nevada: A Blend of Urban Energy and Natural Serenity

The vibrant Las Vegas Strip, showcasing Nevada’s urban excitement.

Nevada offers a dynamic mix of lifestyle options, from the bustling nightlife of Las Vegas and the cultural vibrancy of Reno to the tranquil beauty of Lake Tahoe. Whether you’re attracted to the entertainment and excitement of city life or the peaceful retreats found in desert and mountain communities, Local Jumbo is here to assist you through Nevada’s real estate market with mortgage solutions that cater to the state’s diverse living experiences.

Are you considering making Nevada your home? From luxurious condos in the heart of Las Vegas to serene lakeside properties in Tahoe, our network of Jumbo Verified™ lenders is ready to provide competitive rates and customized mortgage plans. Explore your home financing options in Nevada today.

    Custom Mortgage Solutions for Nevada’s Varied Real Estate

    Reflecting the state’s broad appeal, Nevada’s housing market offers a variety of properties, from high-rise apartments to single-family homes and secluded estates. Our lenders specialize in mortgage strategies that accommodate the wide array of homes across Nevada, assisting you to find a home that aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.

    • A diverse array of mortgage types for Nevada properties: ARMs, FHA, VA, Interest-Only, Jumbo, and conforming loans.
    • Financing solutions tailored for all types of buyers, supporting a range of housing needs and preferences throughout Nevada.
    • Personalized mortgage plans that resonate with Nevada’s lifestyle, whether you’re in the lively urban centers or the tranquil outskirts.
    • Expertise in Nevada’s housing market, ready to guide you with specialized financing options like Land, Construction, and Bridge loans.
    • Competitive rates to support your home purchase or refinancing in Nevada, helping with  a straightforward path to homeownership.

    Secure Your Nevada Dream Home with Supportive Financing

    Nevada’s unique blend of cultural depth, entertainment, and natural beauty offers a compelling lifestyle choice. We’re dedicated to securing a mortgage that meets your financial needs while enhancing your life in this diverse state. Whether enjoying the world-class entertainment of Las Vegas, the arts and culture of Reno, or the serene landscapes of Lake Tahoe, your home will be the foundation of your Nevada experience.


    County One-Unit Limit Two-Unit Limit Three-Unit Limit Four-Unit Limit
    CHURCHILL COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    CLARK COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    DOUGLAS COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    ELKO COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    ESMERALDA COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    EUREKA COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    HUMBOLDT COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    LANDER COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    LINCOLN COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    LYON COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    MINERAL COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    NYE COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    PERSHING COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    STOREY COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    WASHOE COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    WHITE PINE COUNTY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400
    CARSON CITY $766,550 $981,500 $1,186,350 $1,474,400




      Carson City, Henderson, Boulder City, Reno, Sparks, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Fernley, Winnemucca, Fallon, Kingsbury, Mogul, Incline Village, Mount Charleston & Blue Diamond.

      Zip Codes

      89451, 89413, 89109, 89519, 89511, 89135, 89052, 89134, 89144, 89138, 89012, 89141, 89161, 89704 & 89113


      Douglas County, Esmeralda County, Storey County, Eureka County, Washoe County, Carson City County, Clark County, Elko County, Humboldt County, White Pine County & Lyon County.